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5 lesser-known, fail-safe trading strategies 


Similar to trading stocks, currencies and commodities, binary options traders must learn the use of certain trading strategies to turn the odds on their favour and gain profits in the long term. There are different trading strategies available based on the use of technical analysis as well as fundamental analysis of the underlying assets. While every investor follows his individualstyle of trading, it’s important to choose a strategy which suits his style and trading skills. While some strategies are based on the market news and investor sentiment, some apply the use of statistical market data and technical analysis tools. Breakout…

Trading Masters – Get Free Forex Education From Trading Legends


If you look online, you can find plenty of Forex education from some great traders, and you can get it for free. Here we will look at some free info from great traders which can help lead you to currency trading success… Let’s look at a few true market masters and see how they can help you become a better and more profitable trader. Dow Theory – How and Why Markets Move Dow Theory is an essential education for anyone wanting to know how and why markets move. Charles Henry Dow (1851-1902), was a founder and former editor of The…