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The 170 Exchange Is An Open Secret


While many companies are constantly looking for ways to cut their payments on taxes, few aware that the 170 Exchange actually exists. Also called the Bargain Sales, the 170 Exchange allows commercial real estate companies receive an immediate tax reduction from the disposition of under-utilized commercial assets, something that the Welfont Group is an expert at. This is clearly an advantage for the firm, as the 170 Exchange is a transaction that many are still unaware of. However, the Welfont group insists that it is actually pretty common. Every year, there are around 20,000 real estate bargain sales in the…

Apply for a Federal Tax ID in Wisconsin


Apply for a Federal Tax ID in Wisconsin When it comes to filing your taxes, you want to be as efficient and accurate as possible. After all, no one likes ending up on the IRS’s bad side. That just leads to a lot of headache and, if you run a business, lost revenue. That is why IRS-EIN is here to help. We understand the tax process and can help you apply for a tax ID in Wisconsin today. We offer quick service that will get you on your way quickly and provide you with an employer identification number (EIN) number in…

Preparation Tips for Year-End Work with Your Accountant


The end of the year financial reports can be a daunting task unless you have the help of an accountant who is experienced with providing the reports that you need. As with all other aspects of running your company, you should never put off until the last minute anything that can be worked on ahead of time. If you work on keeping accurate records and handle all of the details as your financial year progresses you’ll find that your year-end work is not so stressful. Use the tips below to help you get ready for your year-end financial reports and…