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Paying for College: Help for Military Families

Paying for college. For many parents, this topic is terrifying – and one they’d rather not think about! With daily news coverage of rising college costs, it’s entirely understandable that the topic of college savings is one many try to avoid. However, by facing the issue head-on as early as possible, you can dramatically improve your family’s ability to afford college while drastically reducing your student’s college costs. Plus, you can take comfort in the fact that numerous military children have extra advantages when it comes to paying for college. So don’t wait. Start learning now about what you can…

How to free up cash for investing…Don’t waste it on other stuff!

We’ve got a great tip for you today on The Invest Blog. Instead of spending retail on everything you buy, you can save tons on virtually everything by utilizing coupons. Groupon, the deal-a-day people have a massive amount of exclusive online coupons, more than 70,000 actually, that you can access via their website without even signing up for a list! There are coupons from more than 9,000 different business/retailers! There’s tons of brands you know and trust like Orbitz, Kohl’s and Iolo to name a few. Head to their site and start saving money to invest today!