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Are financial advisors actually suitable for EVERYONE?


  When the term “financial advisor” is branded around, the immediate assumption for most people is that it’s for the rich and famous. In other words, for the Average Joe out there, most of us feel like one of these professionals really isn’t for us. However, if you were to look deeper into the field, it would become clear that this isn’t necessarily the case. Sure, the high-profile uses might suggest otherwise, but there are plenty of other “normal” instances where a financial advisor might be suitable for the masses. According to Keith Springer, these instances can include even the…

Don’t Believe These 5 Retirement Investing Myths


Retirement is a marathon, not a sprint. According to Forbes, the average expected length of retirement is about 19 years for males and 21 years for females, assuming retirement at age 65. But 1 in 10 retirees live to see their 95th birthdays, and that proportion is likely to grow as medical screening and treatment improves. Planning for retirement is a marathon, too. You need to start early enough—and stay disciplined enough—to ensure that you have ample savings and income after hanging up your hat for good. Avoiding these five common retirement myths can help you beat the odds and…

Stay Happy in Retirement


Whether you are recently retired, planning to retire soon, or already enjoying the fruits of your labor in a long-term retirement, here are some tips on how to stay happy in retirement. While retirement is a goal for many of us, it is a major life-change especially when coming from a lifetime of punching a timecard. Here are some ways you can stay happy in retirement. Be Smart About Money Whether working or retired it seems like money is always on your mind. Smart money people like Keith W. Springer know that being financially secure will allow you to focus…