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Understanding the Complex World of Private Equity Investing


Private equity funds are complex financial constructions, but ones that can provide a wealth of additional funding for companies. In fact, without private equity, entrepreneurship couldn’t flourish. Managers like Marc Leder, who works for Sun Capital Partners, together with others, fund in excess of 50,000 deals each year, worth billions of dollars. But what is private equity, and how does it run into the billions? What Is Private Equity? The name really explains what private equity is: money from private sources. Usually, those sources are high net worth people who want to invest in companies that they believe will grow.…

Marc Leder Wants To Be One Of The Best Private Equity Investors Ever


The word “best” should actually not be thrown around so casually, but for Marc Leder, wanting to be one of the best is not simply a hyperbole. He really is aiming to be one of the best private equity investors ever. He has been pursuing this goal since 1995 when he and his partner Rodger Krouse established Sun Capital Partners Inc., a global private equity firm which specializes in helping struggling companies revive themselves. He certainly has a lot of experience to go for such a lofty goal. After graduating from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania with…

How the Modern-Day Equity Firm Analyzes Potential Investments


Life in private equity might seem glamorous and hugely lucrative, but behind all the stories of profit are immense analytical skills that aim to find out whether a deal really is viable for a company. Suffice to say, those that are able to successfully use these skills are the ones which boast the big balance sheets. Those that aren’t able to vet a deal successfully, won’t last within the industry very long. It’s because of this that we found an interview with Marc Leder really interesting. Leder, the co-CEO of Sun Capital, participated in an interview in which he was…