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Is studying an MBA a good investment?


Choosing to study an MBA is the perfect choice if you are looking to build your career in business. Despite MBAs being expensive they offer a huge range of benefits to make them worth your while. Here are the top 5 reasons why an MBA at GBSB and masters degree programms in Barcelona are an excellent investment. It boosts your earning potential – Graduates holding an MBA earn on average 5 times as much as those who don’t, there is a significant difference in earning power between those that hold an MBA and those which don’t. If you want to…

Four Ways to Gain More from Your MBA In Canada


Earning your MBA is your pathway to a career in a leadership role, but as the degree becomes increasingly popular, many employers want to recruit candidates with a specialized skill set. You can set yourself apart from your graduating cohort by getting more out of your degree through a double degree option, earning international experience, or specializing your degree. Before you embark on your MBA, research the companies you want to work for and the roles you want to fill. Find out how executives with your dream job got where they are today and what employers expect from graduates. Double…

What Is the Best Degree to Have to Become a CEO?


If you want to become a CEO, you must be prepared to get a lot of education, and even more experience. However, there is not a single set degree pathway that will guarantee you a CEO job. For instance, Charles Phillips Infor CEO’s affair was to get a BS in Computer Science, an MBA, and a JD, but that doesn’t mean everyone with that education will become CEO. If you have your heart set on becoming one, however, then obtaining an MBA is always a good idea. However, you need to already hold a bachelor’s degree to complete an MBA,…

Why Having an MBA Prepares You for a Career in Investing


Although you know that investing falls well within the finance sector, you may not see the relevance of getting an MBA. You are already working and making a decent wage, so why rock the boat? If you want to go anywhere in investing, anywhere at all, it would be in your best interest to begin working on an online MBA degree from a school like Northeastern University that is accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International. The reason for that is quite clear. Investing is, for all intents and purposes, the backbone of any business. If…

The Top MBA Programs in the US

In an increasingly global market, business leaders must live, work, and think beyond their home country. That global mentality is becoming infused with the MBA culture from early on—and many applicants to business school are now considering programs all over the world. Here are the top non-U.S. full-time MBA programs in this year's BusinessWeek rankings: 

Note: Tuition and fees reflect cost of total program, excluding living expenses. Program description based on graduate comments.

Getting a Masters Degree is a big investment into your future and takes a lot of commitment to finish. If you are considering continuing you current education with a MBA degree then you need to know what schools to look at when it comes to sending out those applications and letters of interest. Here are the top 15 US schools that offer a MBA program and what you need to know about each one:   Forbes Ranking          School   5-Year Tuition   MBA Start Salary 2014 Salary Tuition GMAT Score   #1 Stanford   $127 K  Offers…