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How to Improve Your Management Skills  


Leadership is a great quality to have, regardless of your industry or position, you should always look to be a strong leader. For some people, they are born with the instinct to lead, this isn’t a characteristic that everyone possesses and it is a skill that must be worked on. Successful people who understand effective business management like George Bardwil, all display a certain set of skills that set them apart, it is these skills that make them successful leaders. If you wish to improve your management skills then here are the key areas that you should be looking at.…

The Qualities Every Great Leader Should Embody


If you were to ask 10 different people what would make a good leader, you would get 10 different answers. Some people believe that leadership skills are something that people are born with, others believe they can be developed, others still believe it is a combination of both. Considering how many books have been written about leadership and management, and how different global leaders are, it seems that the idea that skills can be developed is the closest to the truth. Take, for example, Charles E Phillips Infor CEO and Richard Branson, Virgin CEO. Those two couldn’t be more different,…