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Why Education Is One of the Very Best Investments You Can Make


When it comes to making a solid investment decision, few choices will deliver as many benefits as investing in your education. Instead of chasing the next ‘sure’ thing and enduring sleepless nights and high blood pressure while hoping for the best, you could make an investment that’s a known quantity. Education is a Low-Risk Investment Unlike other investments, which you have little to no control over, you have complete control over the success of your academic endeavors. As long as you choose courses within your capabilities, pay attention to your lectures, and complete assignments on time, you’re a sure bet.…

How the Modern-Day Equity Firm Analyzes Potential Investments


Life in private equity might seem glamorous and hugely lucrative, but behind all the stories of profit are immense analytical skills that aim to find out whether a deal really is viable for a company. Suffice to say, those that are able to successfully use these skills are the ones which boast the big balance sheets. Those that aren’t able to vet a deal successfully, won’t last within the industry very long. It’s because of this that we found an interview with Marc Leder really interesting. Leder, the co-CEO of Sun Capital, participated in an interview in which he was…

Looking for a safe investment? Try home investments


Despite the sensational property stories you might have read in the news, investing in a property remains one of the safest investments for Australians. When it comes to investment types, it will help to do your own research. Of course, there are risks with buying a property just as there is with all other. However, residential property investment is less volatile and is much easier for most Australian. This is one of the biggest reasons why it’s become the great “Australian dream.” Keep in mind that not every property is created equal and many Australian markets will perform much stronger…