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Top Website Personalization Trends in 2017


If you have a business, are a digital marketer or are in any way part of the tech or web design world, you probably already know one of the top trends being focused on right now is the objective of creating personalized experiences for users. Janrain recently conducted an Online Personal Experience Study and found that a significant majority (74%) of online consumers express a sense of frustration when they visit a website and feel like the content they find there doesn’t appeal to their interests. Personalized experiences can be delivered through traditional browser-based versions of websites, as well as…

How to Deal with Four Serious Security Concerns for Home-Based Entrepreneurs


Although every business owner obviously wants to keep their assets safe, those working from home have to be especially careful when it comes to security. From cybersecurity concerns to potential home break-ins and beyond, it can be incredibly daunting to get down to business while also having to worry about “what-if” scenarios. Thankfully, keeping your business safe from potential danger doesn’t have to be rocket science, nor does it have to cost an arm and leg. Rather than worry about the unknown, take the proper steps to understand the potential security snafus facing your home-based business and how to swiftly…

The rise of Esports


The rise of Esports has been so sudden that many have been taken by surprise by its rapid emergence in mainstream culture. What do you need to know about this new segment of the entertainment industry? Below, we provide a brief synopsis that will give you a good grounding on what Esports are all about… What is an Esport exactly? An Esport can be any competitive multi-player game conducted over a computer and/or internet platform. Contestants pit their skills against their contemporaries in pursuit of victory. Many of the most popular Esport games (e.g. Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Legend of…