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When Should I Invest in Gold?


Many experts are recommending to buy gold now, due to its low price as compared to silver and former gold prices. Others say not to invest in gold, as the gold price is likely to fall further. With such no man’s land forecasts, should you invest in gold? Well, let’s assume that no one knows for sure as to what will be the gold price in near future, say, even in the next week. Well, this boils down to your own perspective of buying gold or waiting for it. A straightforward answer to the question of when to invest in…

The History of Gold


Gold today remains a common investment tool typically used to store wealth. It is recognized globally as a safe and stable form of currency and an asset in most investment portfolios. Depending on your investment goals, gold can be a smart way to protect your retirement savings. Discussing your options with the experts at Birch Gold Group ensure you have the best options available. History shows us that gold has been a part of all the world’s great civilizations. Gold has long been a fundamental part of human history and it is deeply ingrained in cultures around the world. When…

Why Gold Needs to be Part of Your Portfolio


Recent developments in the market have you on edge? You’re not alone, as it seems that the world has become a more turbulent place in recent years. As skeptical as you might have been in the past, there is a good argument for including gold as part of your portfolio as we move forward into the future. Before you head down to a firm such as Birch Gold Group to discuss this possibility, let us make the case for why gold needs to be part of your portfolio. This way, you won’t feel like that you are wasting your time…