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Top 5 countries where the gambling is legal


Undoubtedly, different countries have different attitudes to gambling. For the last couple of years, the government of several states has forbidden gambling games, whereas other states encourage people to play. Nevertheless, if you are into gambling and travelling, then these countries should definitely be visited. Or if you like travelling but playing online, then look at what I found here. Countries with legal casinos At first, it should be noticed that gambling business that includes both no deposit online casinos and traditional ones, is very popular in many countries around the globe due to the fact that it brings considerable…

How The Online Gambling Industry Continues To Change And Evolve


Evolution of new gambling opportunities We all have long forgotten how it was when the personal comfort of a mobile Internet connection wasn’t around. The new conception of data transfer and communication has changed our life greatly – and even has made us look at gambling from a different angle. Starting from the first slot machines (“fruit machines” or “pokies” they used to call them), the online gambling industry is growing slowly but steadily. Today we can see it reinforcing its positions on the ground of cyber sports betting and online card games with live dealers. Its history is a…

The rise of Esports


The rise of Esports has been so sudden that many have been taken by surprise by its rapid emergence in mainstream culture. What do you need to know about this new segment of the entertainment industry? Below, we provide a brief synopsis that will give you a good grounding on what Esports are all about… What is an Esport exactly? An Esport can be any competitive multi-player game conducted over a computer and/or internet platform. Contestants pit their skills against their contemporaries in pursuit of victory. Many of the most popular Esport games (e.g. Hearthstone, World of Warcraft, Legend of…