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What Type of Bank Account Requires an EIN for Banking Purposes?


When it comes to the world of business, there is one number that is as common as a social security number. It is known as an EIN, and it is used for all manner of business applications. One of the most common reasons individuals need an IRS EIN form is in order to file their taxes accurately. Without it, some business owners might not be able to file a return at all. A second, lesser known reason to apply for an EIN, however, is to open up a business bank account. If you are ready to open up a bank…

Cathedral Bank2 Investment Banking


One of the most efficient and professional offshore banking providers that people can invest in is the Cathedral Investment Bank. With their operations in approximately 7 countries, they have gladly served over 10,000 customers in about 35 nations from all around the world. Cathedral Investment Bank, as well as Cathedral Investments and Cathedral International plays a major role in being a part of a financial international group, which offers mostly investment banking services to customers. The staff at Cathedral Investment bank assist individuals by funding their projects of more than USD $50,000,000.00. This amount or above, is mandatory in that…